BUOP Narcissus Flower Style Ball-Point Pens, Extra Fine Black Gel Ink Pens, Assorted Color Flower Pens, Creative Stationery Gift, Dozen (12pcs) Box



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The Look and Feel of These Beautiful Narcissus Tipped Pens.
They are cut and well put together, totally adorable. The colors are vibrant. They’re really pretty and colorful!
Not only that, they’re just fun to use and write with. How can you possibly be in a bad mood when you’re writing with a narcissus pen which writes nicely and has a good feel in your hand? The ink flows well and it’s fun to look at.

Nicely Crafted Pens
These pens are also a good way to help deal with the pen theft epidemic. Because most pens look alike, it will be difficult to determine who exactly has taken your ink pen. Well that is no longer the case. These beautiful pens can be easily distinguished. If they are removed from your desk, you will be able to spot it a mile away.
This had been done as a cheerful way to ensure that the pens needed for forms and signatures would not get lost or walk away. You can now keep pens by the copier! Your pens won’t go missing, no one would walk off with your pens anymore. These are literally perfect to prevent that.
People around have a tendency to walk away with your pens all the time, aren’t they? If you are tired of people stealing your pens and you want to be able to readily identify them, the narcissus heads on these are just big enough that these pens don’t just disappear but not so big that they are bulky or uncomfortable to write with.

Want some personality on your desk at work? These pens delivered! Want something different to make people smile? These pens delivered!
These pens are beautiful. We recommend you get an array of the different types of flowers so you can give your love a functional bouquet of flowers. They can be used to write, then once the ink is gone they can be displayed in a vase. They will be an everlasting bouquet of flowers.
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Package includes: Twelve (12) extra fine point ballpoint pen (same ink in all the pens) came in a set of different colours & One (1) freeby with b_u office LOGO on the product package.
Excellent product well made and attractive gift for pen lovers, so they have pretty, non allergy flowers that everyone can be around.
Beautiful design, it is longer than your average pen, not so big, so it is comfortable to write with.
Nicely crafted pen, cute, bright, and also helps people from taking a pen off your desk!
Brings a pop of color and are totally useful!