Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker – Blackboard Organizer Decal




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The Ultimate Wall Calendar for Your Dwelling or Office environment

No matter if you are searching to get or keep organized this gorgeous chalkboard calendar is likely to assist. Best for the property or office this calendar features a chalkboard sq. for just about every working day of the month. Manage for this month and then wipe it cleanse and it’s completely ready for the following.

Designed of a resilient content this chalkboard calendar appears to be as excellent as it performs. If your homestead requires a calendar will not get the identical aged factor everybody else has, get the one that appears to be wonderful and has all the function you will need.

Proportions are 24″ huge x 18″ tallPerfect for property or office
Designed of resilient, substantial high quality content
Uncomplicated to utilize and take away
Proportions are 24″ x 18″
Fantastic for the kitchen