Cosmetology Faculty Student Package Tote Bag Manikin head




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Cosmetology Package With Bag This Package Consist of all the Cosmetology equipment you need for hair styling, and manicures. Consists of: 1. three Aristocrat Combs two. Soft’n Type Duck Costs Clips-12/pk three. Soft’n Type Steel Pin Curl Clips-48/bx four. Zeepk Edge Stainless Steel Ejector Shaper five. Vinyl Shampoo Cape 6. four dz Soft’n Type E-Z Movement Cold Wave Rods seven. 6″ ” Thinning Shear eight. Soft’n Type Vinyl Gloves-1 pr 9. three/four” Spring Curling Iron ten. zeepk Qualified Manicure Package 11. 1 Brushes 12. five-1/two” Slicing Shears thirteen. Soft’n Type Roller Rack 14. Andis 1875 Watt Dryer 15. 1 Manikin sixteen. Diana Manikin Holder 17. Soft’n Type Butterfly Clamps-12/pk eighteen spray Bottle 19 Package Bag 20 seven personal computer. hair colorist resource package 21 nick dusterCosmetology Faculty Student Package Tote Bag Manikin Head
Cosmetology Student Package
manikin head