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Crayola Kindergarten Provide Pack

Crayola Kindergarten Provide Pack arrives comprehensive with the artwork supplies and add-ons crucial for elementary college artists. Children will have what they want for initiatives, homework and imaginative time.

Why You’ll Appreciate It: It is a comprehensive artwork companion for very little artists.


  • Superb top quality supplies
  • Great for Kindergarten Scholar


  • a hundred sheets of artwork paper
  • Facial tissue
  • Crayola glue
  • 8 oz. hand sanitizer
  • Crayola Washable Watercolors
  • Crayola Washable Markers
  • Crayola Scissors
  • A pink bevel eraser
  • Nylon pencil bag
  • 6 pencils
  • Crayola 24Ct. Crayons
  • Crayola Glue Adhere

Encouraged Ages:5 – seven

Consists of a hundred sheets of artwork paper, facial tissue, Crayola glue, Crayola 24 ct crayons
Also incorporates Crayola washable watercolors, Crayola washable markers, Crayola scissors
Furthermore a pink bevel eraser, nylon pencil bag, 6 pencils, Crayola glue stick, and 8 oz hand sanitizer
Great package for a kindergarten scholar
Superb top quality supplies



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