Mystery Garden 2016 Wall Calendar: An Inky Treasure Hunt and 2016 Coloring Calendar




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Johanna Basford’s amazing 2013 bestseller Mystery Garden fueled the adult coloring trend, marketing an unprecedented quantity of copies. It was born out of the self-explained “ink evangelist’s” passion for the hand-drawn line and its inherent perception of vitality, which is unachievable to duplicate by way of computer system-created graphics. Her original bestseller was immediately followed by two much more as her supporter foundation and the coloring phenomenon grew. Alongside the way she’s lent her art to these corporate customers as Starbucks, Absolut Vodka, and Chipotle. No issue in which it’s encountered, her art evokes fancy in the viewer, inviting nearer inspection of its concealed intricacies.

Twelve of Johanna Basford’s intricate and interesting styles from her most effective-marketing reserve Mystery Garden are incorporated in this 2016 wall calendar for followers to coloration or delight in as is.Modern | Pop Artwork
Top: 12.000 inches. Width: 12.000 inches.