The Pencil Grip Unique Universal Ergonomic Creating Support for Righties and Lefties, 6 Count, Assorted Colors (TPG-11106)



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Why Decide on The Pencil Grip?

The Pencil Grip is the unique ergonomic crafting help. Creating becomes easy and normal. The Pencil Grip increases handwriting, aids to give extra handle, and lowers hand fatigue. Its unique, patented style gently encourages the fingers and hand to rest in the good position for gripping – The Tripod Grip. Compared with other pencil grips, The Pencil Grip feels normal because of its ergonomic style and soft, flexible, latex-free of charge material.

Thumb is positioned on “R” or “L.”
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The good ergonomic grip.
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Assists Palms And Increases Handwriting

The Pencil Grip was developed by a physician and is commonly applied in classrooms, at home, and in therapeutic options. The unique shape is developed to be “one measurement matches all” to aid the palms of children and grown ups, and operate for equally righties and lefties. The Pencil Grip can be applied as a teaching tool, and then forever for added comfort. The Pencil Grip matches on pencils, primary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint brushes, and many others., so its rewards can be commonly loved.

How To Use

Slide the wider conclude of the grip on 1st. Righties and Lefties simply just location their thumb on the “R” or the “L” printed on the grip. Fingers will obviously tumble into location with the center finger on the underside of the grip. The images on the left present good positioning.

Increase Kids’ Handwriting

A snug hand has extra handle and displays improved handwriting. The Pencil Grip guides the hand into an ergonomic position. It relieves hand discomfort, lowers fatigue, and increases comfort. Regular use teaches and reinforces the good grip, and stops typical complications like fist grips, thumb-wrapping, and white-knuckling. Mom and dad, lecturers, and occupational therapists commonly advise using The Pencil Grip.

Helping Grownup Palms

The Pencil Grip is commonly applied by the thousands and thousands of Us residents identified with hand health and fitness concerns like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tremors, and a common deficiency of strength. The Arthritis Basis acknowledged The Pencil Grip for ‘helping to increase the good quality of daily life of the thousands and thousands of Us residents with arthritis. ’ The Pencil Grip received this commendation because it is easy and snug to keep.

Suits on a assortment of crafting tools.
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About The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Invented in 1992 by Dr. Lois Provda, a prominent instructional therapist, The Pencil Grip turned a family endeavor. Two decades later on, the enterprise is even now run by the Provdas. The family is very grateful to the thousands and thousands of dad and mom, lecturers, and therapists who have place their believe in in their products. For a comprehensive list of products from The Pencil Grip, Inc., go to

Use The Pencil Grip To:

  • Increase handwriting
  • Supply comfort & handle
  • Minimize hand fatigue
  • Guidance hand health and fitness

Advantages Adults & Young children, Righties & Lefties
#one Grip proposed by therapists to aid children compose
Arthritis Basis proposed as “easy” and “snug”
Suits on pencils, pens, crayons & lots of drawing and crafting tools
The unique grip that proceeds to set the common