Wilson Jones Spherical Ring Perspective Binder, 1 Inch, Standard, 362 Series, Customizable, White, 4 Pack (W70362-14W)




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Set of 4 binders. Each standard three ring perspective binder is a great organizational software, with spherical rings to make it possible for for much easier page turning. Binder has the two a very clear include and backbone sleeve so that you can customise it with your really own include page and backbone title. The 1 inch binder size holds up to a hundred seventy five sheets. Two interior pockets are incorporated to retailer unpunched papers. Binder is constructed of long lasting, PVC Cost-free polypropylene material. 4 pack of binders has 1 inch rings, a a hundred seventy five sheet potential, and is manufactured from PVC-totally free polypropylene, a neutral plastic that is much better and much more long lasting than vinyl and safer for the ecosystem a hundred% recycled chipboard back again with 75% article customer squander
Manage initiatives, shows and much more by building and inserting your own standard size include sheets into the very clear poly overlay on the covers and backbone of this customizable three ring binder
Two interior pockets maintain free sheets inserts demonstrated are not incorporated